Music Instruction
by Professionals

Learning to Play Music Through Goals & Realistic Expectations

So you, or your child, are starting out on the exciting adventure that is learning music! Amazing! What are your expectations for the journey? Any goals? If you have some, have you written them down? Have you put them somewhere that you’ll see them every single day? Have you established a daily plan that will help get you there? Chances are, you do have some expectations and goals, but if you’re like most people, you haven’t written them down yet. Most people never do. If you have written them down, chances are you don’t look at them every day. Odds are even lower that you... << Read More >>

10 Tips for the Perfect Music Practice Session

“How do I make it big in music?” There’s only one answer, and I think you already know it: “Practice, practice, practice!” In truth, practice is about 90% of the process, so you better be doing it! And to help make sure you’re doing it right, this week we’ve got 10 practice tips to help you make the most out of each and every session! Set Goals One of the worst things you can do when it comes to practice is to simply sit in your music room and play something. Sure, technically you’re practicing, but it will be entirely ineffective. Instead, in order... << Read More >>

6 Steps to Start Improvising Music

Learning to improvise music is a common goal for many musicians, especially in jazz, blues, and rock and roll. But to become a great improviser you need to release your inner musical instincts, and then learn to control that flow. This isn’t a skill that comes overnight, and in fact, will most likely be a long-term goal that pushes you to your musical limits, and beyond. Although the exact what, why, and when of improvisation can vary by instrument, there are some tips and strategies for getting started that work no matter your instrument or style of music you play. So,... << Read More >>

5 Coping Skills to Deal With Stage Fright

We’ve all been there at least a few times. Your breathing speeding sup, your pulse races. Sweat rolls down your forehead and makes your palms clammy. You feel sick to your stomach, and when you draw in breath to play, it comes out as shaky as your knees. These are very common symptoms of stage fright, also known as performance anxiety. And they’re an involuntary response that millions of people have to deal with whenever they’re faced with speaking or performing in front of a group. The “spotlight effect” – the belief that people are paying more (negative) attention to you than they... << Read More >>

Ouch: How to Avoid the Most Common Musician Injuries

When you think of the world’s most dangerous professions, musician probably doesn’t even come into your mind. Most of them involve heights, open water, or dangerous equipment. But music does indeed come with its very own list of hazards and dangers; from bad backs to heavy instruments to incidents on the road driving home from a gig. When you start a job with a dangerous element to it, you usually go through some sort of orientation to familiarize yourself with the risk. Unfortunately, no such orientation exists for musicians, and many take the hazards for granted a little too often. But injuries can... << Read More >>

Digital vs Acoustic: Which Piano is Best for Students

The piano is easily one of the most popular instruments available to learn today. It’s found in nearly every kind of music, from heavy metal and punk rock, to rap and hip-hop, and of course, classical, jazz, and countless other genres, both those have been around for a long time, and more contemporary fair. But for a student, choosing the right piano can be tricky. Since most of us can’t afford a grand piano, let alone have the space for one, many people are turning to digital pianos. And they can make an amazing substitute for traditional pianos, while adding in the... << Read More >>

Key Features to Look for in a Keyboard

If there is one instrument that can be found in more homes than any other, it's probably the piano! Acoustic pianos of all shapes and sizes, and digital keyboards bring hours upon hours of fun and pleasure to any home. But if you're a first-time piano buyer or renter, you've probably got a few questions about your first piano keyboard. This week we'd like to share a few tips to help you find the best piano keyboard for you. But before we get into the nitty-gritty, there's one thing you'll need to ask yourself: “What will my new piano keyboard be used... << Read More >>

10 Ways to Help Your Child Develop an Appreciation for Music

Most parents hope that their children will grow to develop a love, or at least and interest, for music. But how do you go about fostering that interest, especially if you don't have any musical training yourself? Fear not! As a parent, there are a number of things you can start doing right away, and some of them you may already be doing without even noticing it! So let's jump right in to our 10 methods and techniques to help you instill a love of music in your children. 1. Stop & Listen We're always told to stop and smell the roses, but what about... << Read More >>

8 Tips to Help You Help Your Child Practice

For some kids, practice time is something that is not only enjoyed, but looked forward to. It can be a fun time of to explore new music, to perfect old favourites, and to generally have fun with music. Unfortunately, this feeling is not universal among children, and many need some encouragement or a helping hand to get them to actually stick with their practicing until they can motivate themselves. For many parents, getting their kids to practice can be a daily struggle. Skill in music is limited only by a lack of consistent and concentrated practice and experience, and a lack... << Read More >>

How Do I Choose the Right Instrument for My Child?

As a parent who wants to help foster a passion for music in your child, you're probably concerned about helping your budding musician choose the right instrument from the start. While of course the key to mastering any instrument is hours upon hours of practice, both you and your child will find the process much easier and more enjoyable with the right instrument. This week we're going to share a few tips to help you choose the best instrument for your child by thinking about their age, physical features, personality, interest, the popularity of certain instruments, and your financial situation. Let's start... << Read More >>