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Why We Love Music Camp For Toddlers (And You Should, Too!)

Toddlers are, in a word, busy. They're really the only ones who know what's so important all the time, but they certainly do love to go, move, do, and most of all, say “No!” Parents are often faced with wild mood swings; one moment everything is going fine, the next it's the end of the world. A toddler will cling to Mommy like they'll never let go, no matter what, then mere moments later, insist they can do things all on their own and don't need any help. At the very same time, these little one's are learning to become... << Read More >>

Making “Authentic” Music: Tradition vs Tech

Making music has been a part of human society for as long as we have recorded history, and probably quite a bit longer than that. And over the centuries, the ways we have created and developed for making music has gone down some interesting and strange avenues. Some of those avenues have lead us to a place today where the definition of “musician” has become extremely broad. Nowadays, while many people still create music “the old fashioned way,” with physical instruments, many other people use nothing more than a computer, to either “sample” others' work, adding layers upon layers until... << Read More >>

Why We Love Music Theatre Camp (And You Should, Too!)

There's still a bitter chill in the air in Toronto, but we here at The Music Studio are already gearing up for everybody's favourite season: Summer! And our favourite part of summer is, of course, summer camps! That's why this week's focus is on a subject that's especially near and dear to our hearts: musical theatre summer camp. We love it, and so should you! By why? What sets musical theatre summer camp apart from all the limitless subjects available for summer camps? Children with higher levels of self-control have been shown to be more successful in their future, and imaginary... << Read More >>

The History Of Summer Camps

It's the beginning of March, and while that usually means at least one more winter flurry or storm before we're done, it also means that spring is right around the corner. And coming up quick behind spring is that glorious, sun-shining season we call summer. Of course, most people love the summer months, regardless of age. With the warm sun and gentle breeze, who isn't tempted to leave work early on one of those beautiful days? But as much as we all love the summer, it's really best enjoyed by kids! With their time off from school, they get to... << Read More >>

What Will Piano Lessons Be Like In 100 Years?

Music has been a part of every human society since the dawn of recorded history. Over that time we have created a huge variety of instruments to better allow us to express that music. One of the most enduring musical instruments is the piano. Originally created in 1700 Florence, this Italian invention is still one of the most popular choices for music lessons today. And with over 300 years of music lessons sitting in front of it, I think it's safe to say that the piano isn't going to go anywhere anytime soon. But with that said, how will piano... << Read More >>

10 Signs You Should Invest in Piano Lessons

If television and movies are to be believed, every child under the age of 10 has taken piano lessons. And while that's certainly not true, the whole idea that piano lessons are just for kids is even more wrong. In fact, here in the real world, you'll find students of all kinds. Every shape, size, colour, creed, gender, and age can and do take piano lessons. A love for music doesn't have an age limit, so whether your 9, or 99, piano lessons can be time well spent. So if you're still sitting on the fence on whether or not... << Read More >>

Why We Love Music Lessons (And You Should, Too!)

It probably goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway, just in case: here at The Music Studio, we love music lessons! I mean, of course we do, but not just because that's what we do. We love music lessons for all the amazing things they can bring into the lives of all our students, no matter how old or skilled they are. In fact, we love music lessons so much, I'm going to tell you the top 10 reasons you should love them too! Music Lessons Make You Smarter Study after study has shown that even a casual education... << Read More >>

The Science of Sound & Music

The art of making music is arguably one of the oldest forms of creative works humanity has. It's easy to imagine early humans clapping hands and banging rocks to a rudimentary rhythm as a friend in the neighbouring cave decorated his or her walls with images from the latest hunt. We know that we've been making music for at least as long as we've been human thanks to the unique way our brains have evolved to process the sounds. Unlike when we process normal background sounds, or even human speech, music is a whole brain activity, stimulating areas all over... << Read More >>

Hot Apps For Musicians!

If you come from the same generation as me, you might remember when phones were big, clunky things attached to the wall, with a long twisting cord acting as an an anchor for whoever was using the thing. Now, cell phones have more processing power than the lunar lander, and are less phones and more miniature computers, social media machines, and personal music halls. This week, we're going to focus on that last bit, specifically the top “must have” apps for musicians and music students alike! And so we make sure every device is covered, we're braking it down into... << Read More >>

Making Music: A Worthwhile Hobby

For those who don't play an instrument or sing anywhere but in the shower, the act of making music might fall into two categories: school bands, and professional musicians. Even if we never went into the band room, most of us were at least aware that the schools we grew up in had music programs. Some as early as grade school, others not until high school, but it was there. On the other hand, the only music most people are exposed to after they leave school is performed by a professional musician, be it an internationally acclaimed stage band, or... << Read More >>