Music Instruction
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Mental Benefits of Music: For Kids & Adults

When you start to think about the “typical” music student, what comes to mind? The image that that thought conjures up might be a little kid, sitting nervously at the piano, with their fingers anxiously hovering over the keys. You might have a little music student of your own that matched this mental picture. You may have even been that little kid yourself, once upon a time. And to a certain extend, this image isn't too far off. In the society we live in today, there is a lot of people fighting to make sure that music remains an important part... << Read More >>

Stage Fright: 5 Things Every Musician Should Know + 5 Tips to Help

Picture this: The show starts in 10 minutes, and as you peek through the curtains, you can seen the crowd. Your whole family has shown up, along with friends, and their spouses. That cute classmate you've got a crush on is in the front row. Your heart is racing in your chest. It's beating so fast and so hard you think it might leap straight out of your body. You've got a whole parade of butterflies dancing around in your stomach, and your sweaty hands are somehow warm and cold at the same time. You brain leaps into overdrive, desperately trying... << Read More >>

10 Tips to Keep Your Music Student Motivated Over the Summer

There's nothing worse for both music students and their teachers than students coming back to school after the long summer break without really having had practiced during the off period. Just like how important it is for students to continue to read and use their minds over the summer so they don't lose valuable skills, practicing their instrument year round is critical for continues success and improvement. That being said, over those summer months lessons might become less regular, and there could even be interruptions due to travel and trips, making practicing on a daily basis difficult, but far from impossible.... << Read More >>

Music & Art: Inseparable

As you're probably noticed by now, the world around us has an amazing impact on who we are as people. And while this is true for everyone, it's no wonder that artists seem to be a bit more in tune with this phenomenon, and use it as part of their creative process. The fact is, when we experience different types of sounds, they create different feelings, emotions, and motivations within us. In fact, recently more and more artists have begun to talk about the kinds of music they listen to while creating their art, whether it's a painting, drawing, writing, or... << Read More >>

Why We Gather For Music

Since well before humans started writing things down, people have been coming together in music. The reasons have changed over the millennia: celebrating a good harvest and the changing of the seasons, worship, and to honor the lunar cycles and other heavenly events, have given way to fun, having new experiences, and celebrating life. Whether it happened at the ruins of Chichen Itza in Mexico, or Stonehenge in England, or Coachella in California, these communal gatherings, or “festivals” as we tend to call them today, have always been an important cornerstone of human life and forming new connections and bonds. They have... << Read More >>

7 Reasons Live Music is So Important

Music can be a very private experience. The emotional reaction and catharsis that can come from listening to music alone can be very satisfying. But even with that said, music is best when shared! British composer Malcolm Arnold once said “Music is the social act of communications among people, a gesture of friendship, the strongest there is.” Prolific singer-songwriter-piano man, Billy Joel had this to ad: “I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music.” And it's true, everyone tends to agree... << Read More >>

5 Rockin’ Songs for Beginner Drummers

Last month we began to explore a selection of fun, popular music that might help beginners from all around the band with their particular instrument. We started this journey with one of the most popular and widely used instruments, the guitar, before moving on to songs for vocal students. From there we started a stroll through the orchestra, from the woodwinds, to the brass, and finally the string section. This week we're going to return to this topic, and explore some fun drum songs for beginners. It's been proven that playing the drums on a regular basis can be surprisingly good for... << Read More >>

Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out!: 7 Benefits of Music Summer Camp

The end of May Is quickly approaching, and with it, the warm weather of the summer months. For many parents, these last few weeks have had them thinking about getting their children ready to participate in some kind of summer camp. A summer camp is an amazing way for any child to spend their vacation! Any summer camp is a great place to make new friends, learn new skills, have tons of fun, and make sure that those summer months aren't wasted sitting in front of one screen or another. And what's more, there are as many different kinds of summer... << Read More >>

3 Things to Consider Before Your Kids Start Music Lessons

As a parent, especially one with little to no experience with music education, it can be hard navigating all the options when it comes to choosing the right music program and environment for your children. How old should they be to start? Are “Mommy & Me” classes really worth it? Should we go with group instruction or private? The options can seem endless and overwhelming. Luckily, we've something of a set of guidelines to help you find your way to the best program for your little one. 1. Starting at the Right Age For adults, starting music lessons is pretty easy, because they can begin whenever... << Read More >>

7 Fun & Unusual Songs for the String Section

Over the last month or so we've been exploring fun and popular songs for different sections of the orchestra to practice with. We started this exploration with arguably the easiest instrument to find fun songs to practice with: the guitar. From there we turned our attention to the vocalists, and gave them a few fun songs to practice their range and rhythm. After the singers, we started a stroll through the orchestra, beginning with the woodwinds; saxophone, clarinet, and flute, and some popular music that features their unique sound. Finally, last week we turned out attention to the brass section. This week we're going... << Read More >>