Music Instruction
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Top 7 Things to Consider When Signing Your Child Up for Music Lessons & Classes this September

If your little one loves music the way most children do, you've probably considered signing them up for music lessons. And what better time to start thinking about it again than back-to-school season? Countless studies have shown that the amazing benefits that the study of music can bring to a child's everyday life are invaluable to their academic life, social life, and self-esteem! So if your child has an interest in learning to sing or play an instrument, music lessons are a fantastic first step! Of course, there are some important things to consider before you sign your child up for... << Read More >>

Maintaining & Cleaning Brass Instruments

Over the last several weeks, we've spent some time discussing the general points of instrument maintenance and repair you can do at home. We started with the guitar, before moving to the piano & keyboard, then to the drums, and finally, the string section last week. We're going to continue that trend this week, with a few tips for maintaining brass instruments! Just like with the rest of the band or orchestra, trips to the repair shop for your brass instrument can be costly and time consuming. But, also like the rest of the band, simple maintenance can help you avoid expensive... << Read More >>

Maintaining the String Section

Over the last few weeks we've been talking a lot about how you can maintain your instruments, and even do a few minor repairs, at home. We started with minor maintenance and repairs you can do on your guitar, then we moved to keeping your piano's keyboard clean, before moving on to keeping your drums shining! This week we'll be continuing that theme, but this time with an entire section: the strings. Unfortunately, due to their delicate and precise nature, doing any kind of repair-work on your own is very strongly discouraged, but there are a number of things you can do... << Read More >>

Cleaning Your Drums in 6 Easy Steps

There's nothing quite like seeing your drums gleam under the stage lights. The bright light seems to seek out the chrome to shine off of, and the sparkle of clean cymbals is something to behold. But keeping it looking showroom great can be a real labour of love. There are all kinds of things that threaten the cleanliness of your kit, especially if you take it on the road. The most common dangers are, of course, dirt and dust, but for an active gig drummer, there are all sorts of other dangers. From spilled drinks, to sweat, and even blood, there's no... << Read More >>

How to Clean Your Piano Keyboard – Acoustic or Electric

We've all heard phrases like, “A clean room gives way to a clear mind,” or “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” I'm not really sure how to stretch this sort of logic to the piano (“A clean keyboard leads to clean performing?”), but that doesn't make keeping your playing area relatively clear and your piano tidy any less important. Keeping your keyboard clean is a simple, but critical to the health of your instrument. So this week we've got a few things to keep an eye out for, as well as a few tips to help keep the maintenance to a minimum.... << Read More >>

Guitar Maintenance You Can Master At Home

One of the realities of playing a musical instrument is that they sometimes need maintenance. This can be especially true of the guitar, which not only has strings that keep the instrument under tension, and a finish that needs to be protected, but in many cases they have sensitive electronics as well. If you're a guitarist, you've probably done a little looking around yourself for maintenance tips (that search may have even brought you here!), and you've likely found hundreds of articles. Some may be fantastic and filled to the brim with useful information, but many more offer advice that is... << Read More >>

The Difference Between Writing Poetry & Writing Lyrics

Poetry and music share a long relationship throughout human history. They have always played well with each other, offering mutual inspiration and collaboration. Today's modern musical lyrics are just the most recent form for music and poetry to take together. Wordsworth, Byron, Keats, and Shelley were the “rock stars” of their day, earning adulation, celebrity, and even sometimes a bit of wealth from their poetry. Unfortunately for modern poets, today their words are often relegated to small, dimly lit cafes or the pages of obscure literary magazines and websites. And although modern poets don't enjoy the same prestige they did a century... << Read More >>

Top 10 Camp Songs

Summer is officially in full swing! Do you want to know one of my absolute favourite things about summer-time? It's going to the cabin, or cottage, or camp, or whatever word you use for it! And one of the best thing to do when you're there is to play music around the campfire! With that feeling in mind, this week I've compiled a list of some of my favourite campfire songs, and if you're heading out of town this weekend, you might just get inspired! Who really knows why we love these songs the way we do, or why they have become so... << Read More >>

Mental Benefits of Music: For Kids & Adults

When you start to think about the “typical” music student, what comes to mind? The image that that thought conjures up might be a little kid, sitting nervously at the piano, with their fingers anxiously hovering over the keys. You might have a little music student of your own that matched this mental picture. You may have even been that little kid yourself, once upon a time. And to a certain extend, this image isn't too far off. In the society we live in today, there is a lot of people fighting to make sure that music remains an important part... << Read More >>

Stage Fright: 5 Things Every Musician Should Know + 5 Tips to Help

Picture this: The show starts in 10 minutes, and as you peek through the curtains, you can seen the crowd. Your whole family has shown up, along with friends, and their spouses. That cute classmate you've got a crush on is in the front row. Your heart is racing in your chest. It's beating so fast and so hard you think it might leap straight out of your body. You've got a whole parade of butterflies dancing around in your stomach, and your sweaty hands are somehow warm and cold at the same time. You brain leaps into overdrive, desperately trying... << Read More >>