Music Instruction
by Professionals

Performing Can Be Scary, But Worth It

Practice makes perfect, but so what? While a student should never stop practicing, there is only one inevitable end: the performance. Performing is a vital part of any music student’s development. Ultimately, performances can take many different forms, including things like student recitals presented by a music school, concerts with a student’s school band or orchestra, community events and festivals, retirement residences, coffee shops, parties, family gatherings, restaurants, or even clubs. Any of these, and any number of other opportunities, present the student with a wealth of hidden opportunities for growth. First and foremost, think about this for a moment or... << Read More >>

So you want to be a Guitar Hero?

The guitar is arguably the single most popular instrument in the western world. The argument could also be made that because of its popularity, it is also the single instrument most people quit trying to learn. Many people go into the learning process believing that picking up the guitar will be simple; easy as pie. Yet others believe that learning any instrument, let alone one as seemingly complicated as the guitar would be an impossible task for them. The reality is somewhere in between these two extremes. While it’s true that the guitar isn’t for everyone, if it seems like something... << Read More >>

Beyond Sun & Fun: The Benefits of Summer Music Camp

As June begins this week, our minds turn to the coming summer; visions of friends, barbecues, beaches and fun fill our heads. But the summer’s truest fans are kids, and as soon as the last bell rings on the final day of the school year, their freedom begins. Some studies have suggested that during the summer kids can lose the equivalent of 2.6 months’ worth of what they learned over the school year. Keeping their minds working and agile can help fight this effect. Even though the text books are closed, and the school doors are closed, that doesn’t mean the... << Read More >>